Prof. Dr. Max Lüscher is the head of the Institute of Psycho-Medical Diagnostics in Luzern (Switzerland). He studied clinical psychiatry, philosophy and psychology in Basel. He has held a professorship in Amsterdam, teaching positions at the Universities of Paris and Rome, at Yale University in the USA, in South America and Australia. The Luscher-Color-Diagnostic has been in clinical use since 1947, and has been translated into 27 languages. It has been applied in numerous research projects, in medical and sociological dissertations at Yale University in the USA, at universities in South America, in Western and Eastern Europe, Japan and Australia. The Luscher-Color-Diagnostic and Therapy are based on Self-Regulating Psychology. This is presented in the pocket book by Prof. Dr. Max Lüscher: "Das Harmoniegesetz in uns" [The Law of Harmony Within Us" (6th Ed. ECON, Duesseldorf). There he explains and defines the dimensions of Self-Regulating Psychology and Color-Diagnostic.

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